BREAKING: Britain involved in Nord Stream attack – Russia

Specialists from the British Navy were involved in the attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, the Russian Ministry of Defence claims.

Russian state media reports that according to the Defence Ministry, Britain participated in the “planning” and “execution” of what it calls a “sabotage”.

The reports say British experts were located in Ochakov, Ukraine and helped supply the explosives.

The Defence Ministry also claims the same British specialists prepared “the terrorist attack against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships” in Sevastopol that occurred on Saturday morning. 

The minesweepers Ivan Golubets and the Yuzhnaya Bay embankment suffered minor damage in the attack, the Ministry said.

Britain has previously described the Nord Stream attacks as an act of sabotage, amid claims Russia was responsible.

There have been many conspiracy theories around the explosions, including one (unfounded) claim that an expert investigating the incidents had been found dead.

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