Chinese diplomat’s explosive comments about the Huawei ban

A Chinese diplomat has blasted Australia and the United States’ treatment of Chinese technology giant, Huawei, in an explosive interview in Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

Wang Xining, China’s deputy head of mission, said the Australian Government acted immorally and unethically when deciding to ban Huawei from accessing the country’s 5G networks in 2018.

“Australia was among the first to falsely accuse Huawei of a possible data security threat. But up until now there’s not a single evidence presented to substantiate such a claim,” said Xining.

“Second, Australia was the first to ban Huawei into domestic telecommunications industry building, and then Australia even persuaded others to follow suit.

“By doing so I think Australia connived with the United States in the very unethical, illegal, immoral suppression of Chinese companies. It will happen to Chinese companies, sometimes it will happen to other countries from emerging countries.

“The Huawei Australia company lost a lot because of the unethical deeds by your Government. Huawei (Australia) lost 78% of the net profit in 2019… but look at the world, Huawei rose to 49th pace in the Fortune Global 500 back in 2019… and now it’s the largest smartphone producer in the world and it is serving 3 billion people in 170 countries.

“So when Australia abandoned Huawei the world embraced it.”

The comments were made by Xining today at a National Press Club of Australia event in which he was a guest speaker.

He went on to criticise Australia’s digital infrastructure.

“It’s bewildered me because as far as I know there’s not a single Australian tech communications equipment company that’s on the par with Huawei or any other internationally renowned company in terms of technological advancement or sophistication,” he said.

“Australia ranks the second from the bottom in terms of market digitisation among OECD countries and the broadband speed here is much slower than in some of the developing countries.

“I would love to see an open debate between a Huawei engineer and a representative from your security and intelligence department to find out what could be a threat.

The U.S. is “preventing challenges”

Shortly after Australia’s Huawei ban, the United States Government banned U.S. entities from doing business with Huawei.

The Washington Post recently reported that Huawei business in other markets such as Europe have been suffering as a consequence.  

“As far as we believe the United States has mobilised a state power to supress a particular Chinese company in order to prevent any challenges to its traditional business or technological dominance, which runs against market rules and professional or business ethics,’ said Xining today.

“They go even so far as to framing and detaining senior executives. Such dirty tactics took place in the past for Alstom from France and also for Toshiba from Japan. I think it will happen again.

U.S. President Joe Biden recently vowed to not let China become the dominant global economy. You can read about that, and China’s response, in this Asia Markets article.