Edith Cooper: From Goldman Sachs to Medley

Edith Cooper is a highly influential executive who has had significant success in business. She now runs a business called Medley, which is a membership-based community redefining professional and personal growth.

“This business is personal for my daughter Jordan Taylor and I. We are working together as mother and daughter Co-Founders,” she said.

“We bring very different experiences to Medley but we share a passion for creating environments where people can be themselves and recognize their potential.”

Where was Edith Cooper educated?

Edith Cooper is from the United States. She graduated from Harvard University and also attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Where did Edith Cooper grow her career?

Cooper began her career in finance, working for companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, where she quickly became a senior leader. 

In 2008, Cooper joined the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company as a senior partner. Her work focused on advising clients on organizational development, talent management, and diversity and inclusion.

In 2015, Cooper became the Global Head of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs. She implemented initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion within the company, including a program to recruit more women and minorities.

Edith Cooper co-founded Medley in September 2020.

Edith Cooper
Edith Cooper and her daughter Jordan Taylor.

What charity work does Edith Cooper do?

Cooper has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Robin Hood Foundation, which focuses on fighting poverty in New York City.

In addition to her professional and philanthropic work, Cooper is also a passionate advocate for education. She has served on the board of trustees for both of her alma maters, Harvard and the Wharton School. 

She has also spoken publicly about the importance of education in helping individuals and communities achieve their full potential.

Edith Cooper
Edith Cooper

What is Edith Cooper’s Net Worth?

As a result of her many high-level executive positions, many people have speculated about Edith Cooper’s net worth. 

Some online sources report that her net worth is approximately USD 15 million.