Exiled billionaire ‘tipped off’ about Evergrande bombshell

Exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Guo claims he’s been given advanced notice that property giant China Evergrande is to file for bankruptcy.

Guo, who was once the 73rd richest man in China before becoming a controversial political activist, made the (arguably dubious) claim on the right-wing Twitter alternative Gettr, which was founded by former Donald Trump aide Jason Miller.

“Last week, a guy working at Citibank showed me something,” Guo said in a video posted on the platform.

“He said, ‘Miles, look at this, we are going to make an announcement. We already know that Evergrande is going to file for bankruptcy.”

Screen Shot 2022 06 07 at 12.57.18 pm miles guo
A screen shot from Miles Guo’s Evergrande video.

Insider trading claim

Miles Guo went on to claim he was given the “insider” information, to make an insider trade.

“What (my source) meant is that I could do a short trading and make big money.”

Guo says he didn’t make the insider trade because he has never been interested in “speculation business”.

“I have never made quick money in my life,” he said.

That statement contradicts claims from the Chinese government, which accused the businessman of bribing, kidnapping, fraud, and even rape; leading to Guo fleeing from China to the United States in 2014.

Was Guo actually tipped off?

It is worth nothing, Guo made the claim about the Citibank tip-off after this publication posted an article about a letter Citibank had sent investors revealing Evergrande has defaulted on their bonds.

It is possible that Guo, who has made many far-fetched claims online in the past, had seen nothing but what was already on public record.

In his video, Guo admits he “didn’t say anything about it yesterday”.

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