Government support for EV charging network in outback Australia

The Government of the Australian state of New South Wales, which covers the city of Sydney and much of Australia’s famous ‘outback’ is partly-funding the rollout of 3500 EV charging stations on rural roads.

The State Government is offering $20 million in grants to help businesses establish what it says would be one of the world’s largest destination EV charging networks by area.

Treasurer and minister for energy Matt Kean said the co-funded grants, ranging from $2000 to $40,000 per site for EV charging stations would boost regional tourism and are part of the State’s $171 million investment in EV charging over the next four years.

“EVs are growing in popularity and this will help ensure our regional areas have the charging stations needed to welcome EV-driving visitors,” said Kean.

The NSW State Government has an Electric Vehicle Strategy that aims to increase EV sales to 52 per cent of all new car sales by 2030-31, and the vast majority by 2035. 

Funding under the strategy also includes a $131 million investment for ultra-fast charging infrastructure and a $20 million investment in EV charging in commuter car parks, creating a world class charging network across the state.

But, as reported recently by Asia Markets, uptake of EVs by Australians in recent years has lagged many of its neighbours in the Asia Pacific region, with EVs currently accounting for only around 0.7% of new car sales in Australia.

The New South Wales energy minister will be hoping his comprehensive EV strategy can change that.