Hong Kong food supply warning issued

Fresh food supplies in Hong Kong will be affected after transportation workers at a key interchange linking Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland tested positive for COVID-19.

Operations at the interchange have been suspended while the facility undergoes deep cleaning.

“To facilitate the ongoing fresh food import to Hong Kong, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government has immediately facilitated the setting-up of temporary interchange venues yesterday (February 12) morning,” a Hong Kong Government spokesperson said in statement a short time ago.  

Wegetables and chilled poultry will be primarily affected, with short-term supermarket shortages expected in the coming days.

“The Mainland authorities and the HKSAR Government are working closely together to firm up the detailed arrangements to expedite the logistics of food supply for Hong Kong so as to resume the supply situation to normal as soon as possible,” added the spokesperson.
 “Relevant bureaux/departments of the HKSAR Government will continue to maintain close liaison with the Mainland authorities to ensure smooth operation of fresh food supply to Hong Kong.”

Ongoing interruptions as Hong Kong pursues zero-COVID strategy

While Hong Kong has far few cases that many other major cities in the world, the Government is maintaining a zero-COVID strategy, in line with the Chinese mainland.

Major new restriction were recently introduced after the city recorded its highest ever daily case number on Wednesday.

Asia Markets reported financial services companies in Hong Kong are now making new contingency plans to ensure operations are not impacted.