K-Pop NFTs to launch on Terra this week

Two of the world’s hottest crazes will collide on South Korea’s Terra Network this week, when audio from ‘K-pop’ stars are sold as NFTs.

In a sign the NFT phenomenon isn’t going away, Terra-based project RandomEarth has partnered with a platform known as ‘Veeper’ to auction recorded messages from selected artists.

K-pop NFTs
‘Random Earth’ sells a range of NFTs on its marketplace, including ‘Galactic Punks’

Random Earth says Veeper is an audio-based mobile messenger that delivers moments of the day from celebrities to their fans.

“Random Earth stands behind Veeper’s mission of making the world feel more connected, by creating a sense of authentic connection between Creatives and their Fans,” a Radom Earth spokesperson said.

“This will be a first step in taking the Terra NFT ecosystem beyond crypto-native collections — towards mainstream music, art, and entertainment.

“Culturally we think it’s a giant leap. We’re very excited.”

The auction begins on Monday, October 25 – be sure to subscribe to Asia Markets for updates.