Matthews Asia launches 3 new active ETFs

Matthews Asia has launched three active ETFs on the New York Stock Exchange, providing actively-managed exposure to global emerging markets, Asia and China.

The investment strategies of the new active ETFs, listed on Thursday, will be substantially similar to existing mutual funds managed by the firm.

The three new active ETFs are:

  • Matthews Emerging Markets Equity Active ETF (NYSE Arca: MEM)
  • Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF (NYSE Arca: MINV)
  • Matthews China Active ETF (NYSE Arca: MCH)

Matthews Asia currently has over $17 billion in assets under management. The specialist Asia investment firm employs a bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy, with a focus on long-term investment performance.

“The launch of our new active ETFs represents an exciting new chapter in our company’s history and a great opportunity for Matthews Asia to bring its deep expertise in the emerging markets to a growing number of investors who now view these global, regional and country-specific strategies as long-term, strategic, allocations,” said Matthews Asia CEO Cooper Abbott.

“We have a history of offering new strategies when we believe there are attractive long-term opportunities for our clients. Our new active ETFs continue that tradition by providing another way for investors to access our deep expertise backed by over 30 years of active investment experience that we believe can provide investors with superior long-term investment returns.”

Active management critical in less efficient markets

While active vs passive management is a perennial debate, recently in markets across Asia and the U.S. actively managed investment products have proved to be effective in buffering some of the steep declines seen in major stock indexes, which are tracked by passive funds.

Matthews Asia CIO, Robert Horrocks, says he “continues to believe in the long term benefits of actively managed portfolios, particularly when they are focused on less efficient markets in Asia and China”

“Our active ETFs will use the same established fundamental approach as our mutual funds to identify companies that we think represent the most attractive long-term opportunities within global emerging markets.”

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