New Philippines president wants closer ties with China

A phone conversation on Wednesday between new Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Chinese President Xi Jinping, has laid the foundations for closer ties between the two Asian nations.

The dialogue from the new President, threatens to significantly change the face of the ongoing territorial disputes underway between numerous nations (including The Philippines) and Beijing in the South China Sea.

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In a statement released by the Philippines Chinese Embassy as short time ago, the friendly tone between Jinping and Marcos was clear.

“Xi stressed that Mr Marcos has participated in and witnessed the development of China-Philippines relations, calling Mr Marcos a builder, supporter and promoter of the China-Philippines friendship,” the Embassy said.

“Xi urged both countries to carry forward the friendship of the two sides and stay true to their original aspiration.

“President Xi said the two countries should also grasp the general trend, write a grand story on the China-Philippines friendship in the new era and follow through the blueprint for bilateral friendly cooperation, so as to usher in an even brighter future for the bilateral ties.”

A seperate statement from Ferdinand Marcos’ office, stated “Xi Jinping had agreed to hold more comprehensive discussions of issues and also recognised his late father’s role in opening diplomatic relations between the two countries”.

The statement added, “relations with China will be expanded and shift to a higher gear under his administration, and Beijing had given assurances it would support Marcos’ independent foreign policy.”

During the election, Marcos had indicated he would be open to a maritime deal China in the South China Sea, saying “bilateral agreement (between China and other South China Sea nations) is what we are left with”.

Marcos, 64, shares the same name as his late father – a Philippine dictator between 1965 to 1986. He is set to assume office on June 30 after claiming victory in the Philippines election earlier this month.

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