REVEALED: China’s bond with tiny Australian political party

China appears to be strengthening ties with a small Australian political party, amid its ongoing feud with Scott Morrison’s Liberal Government.

Asia Markets can reveal China state media has recently been spruiking the nation’s relationship with the Communist Party of Australia, known as the CPA.

An article posted in June by Xinhua, a well-established Chinese Government news media agency, boasts about the well-wishes the Communist Party of China (CPC) has received from the CPA on the 100 year anniversary of its foundation.

“Australian partly leaders hail CPC as party linked to people,” reads the article’s headline.

It then goes on to detail the support the CPC has received from its Australian ally, which is quoted as saying that China has been “impressive” in the way it dealt with Covid-19 and was “able to eradicate poverty.”

“We can see what is possible to do in a socialist society that puts people first, ahead of profit,” the CPA reportedly said.

Founded in 1920, the CPA achieved political significance in the 1940s, but has gradually faded into obscurity in the decades since.

On its website, it says Australia needs to “replace the capitalist system with a socialist one”.

The CPA has been critical of the deal between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to develop nuclear powered submarines, describing it as a “ramping up of aggression against China.”