The shocking new structures emerging on Shanghai streets as residents lament “lockdown of information”

Despite a sharp drop in new COVID-19 cases on Monday, the Chinese Government is still showing no signs of easing the draconian Shanghai lockdown.

Shanghai residents have expressed shock over the “complete boarding up” of streets that has occurred in recent days.

Don Weinland, who is a highly respected journalist at The Economist, shared alarming new images on Twitter on Tuesday featuring well-known Shanghai streets, which are now completely unrecognisable.

“Before the full lockdown order came yesterday I got out to see what was going on. I didn’t like what I saw,” said Weinland.

“Many streets open just a few days ago have been completely boarded up. The most shocking to me was Danshui road, which looks like a war zone, walled off on both sides.”

Shanghai lockdown
Barriers around Danshui road in Shanghai. Image Credit: Don Weinland – Twitter: @donweinland

Weinland also shared images of the famous Changle Road, which he says was suddenly boarded up on Sunday, along with new walls which have emerged on Fuxing Road.

Shanghai lockdown
Walls erected on Fuxing Road in Shanghai. Image Credit: Don Weinland – Twitter: @donweinland

“This is a small sample of what’s happening here. And it’s all hidden from the world. It’s now impossible for me to step outside for at least the next few days,” said the Journalist.

“This isn’t just a lockdown of residents, it’s a lockdown on information. This trend does not seem compatible with the lower and lower case numbers reported here.”

Chinese state media said there were 3,014 new COVID-19 cases in Shanghai on Monday, down from 3,947 on Sunday. It is the lowest daily tally since March 26.

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