What is Terra Luna’s ‘REDACTED’ secret?

It’s the crypto mystery that’s taking Twitter by storm.

Supporters of South Korean blockchain project Terra Luna continue hinting at a pending announcement, which they replace with the word “REDACTED.”

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here are a few recent tweets:

And today, the intrigue only grew when Do Kwon, the founder of Terra Luna, posted this:

Kwon linked to the website lfg.org, which features a blurred Terra logo alongside what appears to be an orange company or product logo and the words “[REDACTED] coming soon.”

The Stanford University graduate, who regularly teases his audience with cryptic clues about upcoming developments, then replied to his own tweet with only the letters L F G.

In the world of crypto, LFG is Twitter speak for “Let’s F***ing Go,” but there is speculation in this context it could also stand for something else. The big question is – what?

The Terra Luna community has been quick to suggest what [REDACTED] might be, so let’s take a look:

City of Busan Partnership?

Some of suggested the [REDACTED] news is that the Korean City of Busan has partnered with Terra Luna as part of its FinTech project called Dongbaekjeon.

Dongbaekjeon is a blockchain-based local currency, which according to one recent article has 800,000 users and is looking for a “new operator” on a “three year long term contract.”

Now, the article is in Korean, so this could be lost in translation, but it also appears that the new operator will be announced as “early as this month.” (If anyone who understands Korean better than us translates this article differently – please reach out on our Twitter page!)

Another observation is that the imagery to go with this article looks similar to the two circles on the lfg.org website:

Terra Luna Redacted

Bitcoin Reserves?

Another suggestion is that major Venture Capitalists are investing in Terra Luna (by buying locked LUNA tokens) and that the money will be spent on buying Bitcoin to use as reserves for the UST stablecoin peg. (For an explainer on the UST stablecoin and its relationship to LUNA, check out this article from Asia Markets last April).

Mastercard Announcement?

Terra project Kash announced only yesterday that it had been selected by payments giant Mastercard for an award-winning global startup program, which helps “innovative later-stage startups that use blockchain to solve real-world problems to scale”.

Given that the image shared by Do Kwon on lfg.org looks very similar to the Mastercard logo – could [REDACTED] be somehow related?

Another Exchange Listing?

Terra’s stablecoin UST has recently been listed on some major exchanges, most notably Binance, so perhaps a Coinbase announcement is the [REDACTED] development?

Terra Luna Founder
Do Kwon, Terraform Labs Founder

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