Former Australian Prime Minister’s message to Klaus Schwab

During an interview with the Asia Society in Switzerland, former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, deviated off script to send a message to the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.

Rudd was asked by Asia Society Switzerland Executive Director Nico Luchsinger, to outline what he’s been surprised by in the world in recent times.

Rudd quipped that he was surprised that the former political party he led in Australia won the election held in May.

He then deviated to send a direct to message to Schwab.

“I’ve spend 5 weeks on the hustings kissing babies,” he said.

“And here’s a message for Klaus Schwab by the way, I reckon I shook 5000 hands in Australia during the election, I didn’t get COVID, yet everyone who went to Davos has got COVID.”

China growth has changed under Xi

Rudd went on to explain that one of the biggest surprises he’s seen in recent years is the change in Chinese growth.

“China and Xi Jinping has actually, quite profoundly, changed the growth model within China itself and made it more statist, less friendly to the private sector.

“And as a result causing a rapid slow-down in China’s economic growth. And as someone who’s looked at the Chinese economy for 40 years, this surprises me because it’s something I didn’t think China would do.

“The thing which may still surprise me is whether they correct it or whether they sustain the direction in which they’ve now taken, which is in a less growth-friendly direction.”

Kevin Rudd was the Prime Minister of Australia from December 2007, to June 2010. He is now President of the Asia Society.